Antifa Café Nijmegen: Discussion about Pegida and screening of ‘Chasseur de skins’

On Oktober 7th 2017 there will be Antifa Café in Nijmegen.

– From 12:00 there is the usual food and drinks, and the anarcho library, including ofcourse some rebellious antifascist literature.

– At 16:00 there will be a discussion on the existence of Pegida (modern fascist organization, mainly active in Germany but also desperately trying to be present in the streets of the Netherlands), both in the context of the ever growing rightwing tendencies in the Netherlands but also about the organisation and actions against them by antifascists. What are our tactics, whats are our goals and why?

– After the food (reservation required at 024-3605208), around 20:00 there will be the feelgood antifascist documentary Chasseur de Skin, about Paris in the beginning of the 80’s when the nazi-skinhead movement came to France, bringing along offensive racist attacks. In response bands were formed and they developed a guerrilla warfare to counter the fascist offensive.

– At night theres the show of Majority Rule, Attack Robot Attack, Break Character in the Onderbroek

Adres: Klinker, van Broeckhuysenstraat 46, Nijmegen
Date: 7-10-2017

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