18-03-2018: Antifa Bloc at anti-racist demonstration in Amsterdam

[Voor de Nederlandse oproep zie hier]
On the 18th of March 2018 ‘Committee 21st of March’ will organise the yearly demonstrations in Amsterdam during the international day against racism. AFA Netherlands also calls out for people to attend the demonstration but does not do so without having critique on the organisers and their actions over the past months.

In comparison to previous years there has been a lot of attention for the demonstration on the international day against racism. The Committee chose the motto “no racists in the city councils” for the demonstration. When the expected critique came from right-wing parties on the motto, all the so-called ‘progressive’ political party’s rushed to dissociate themselves from the subject. This because they claimed that the exclusion of right-wing and racist parties would be undemocratic. The Committee quickly changed the slogan of the demo in the hope to keep these political parties on board.

AFA is a proponent of a broad antifascist movement but does not see a role for reformist political parties in this movement. AFA is disappointed that the Committee chose to let these political parties push their agenda onto the demonstration by changing the slogan. This allows these political parties, which are minimally active against racism and often contribute to racist tendencies in society, to influence an otherwise independent organisation. By changing the slogan now, due to a right-wing witch-hunt, doesn’t do the anti-racist movement any good. By acting in this manner these political parties are helping the criminalisation of anti-racist protest by framing them as anti-democratic. We claim to not need political parties, because a fundamental anti-racist struggle should always be carried out from below.

We find a broad response to racism important, that’s why we call on everyone to join the demonstration. Despite this we will be forming our own bloc during the demonstration since we do not want to mix with the reformist parties who will openly participate. We call on everyone who rejects party politics to join the collective antifa bloc.

For a world without racism! For a radically different and free society in which everyone is equal!

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