3-11-2018 Nationwide demonstration: No one is illegal. Down with fortress Europe. Freedom of movement for all

[Nederlandse oproep vind je hier.]
On Saturday the 3rd of November Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) will organise a nationwide demonstration in the Hague under the motto: ‘No one is illegal. Down with fortress Europe. Freedom of movement for all.’ Europe has closed its borders to refugees and migrants. That is why we want to make a clear statement with as many people as possible against fortress Europe and its migration policies.

By closing the European borders 1600 people have died at sea trying to reach Europe this year alone. Boats carrying migrants, including women and children, are refused entry to European ports and spend weeks at sea waiting for permission to dock despite the acute situation.

The idea of ‘shelter in own region’ that was only proposed by fascist and neo-Nazi parties a couple of years ago now seems to be the European solution for containing migration. After the deal with Turkey the EU now wants to build refugee camps in North African countries. On top of that an additional 10,000 border guards will be deployed to stop migrants. The reality is that a war is being waged against people who merely seek a better life.

Those who dare to cross the Mediterranean will face death if European countries get their way. This exclusionary border policy is also militaristic and has blood on its hands. The Netherlands is also responsible for this policy. The country that locks up children in deportation prisons. The country that provides materials and logistical support to border guards and approves this deadly project.

That is why we call out for a broad demonstration to make a loud and clear statement against Europe’s migration policies and to call for freedom of movement for all. Let’s express our solidarity with refugees and migrants and take a stand against racism and exclusion.

No one is illegal. Down with fortress Europe. Freedom of movement for all!

Location: Carnegieplein, Den Haag
Time: 15:00

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