21-06-2014: Presentation comic ‘The box’, fascism, politics and the media in Greece

TheBoxReINFORM, a political group of Greeks living in the Netherlands organizes a presentation on the 21th of june of the new comic of M. Astikos, ‘The Box’.

Α comic telling the stories of three people, drawing upon recent events in Greece: An HIV-positive woman used as a scapegoat, a Greek man mistaken for an immigrant, and an antifascist, are all captured by the police and thrown in prison. Their fate is shaped by the hate rhetoric adopted by the mainstream politics and media.

What is the social and political background of these events? How do the election games create the ‘enemy’? What is the role of the media? How far is mainstream racist discourse from neo-Nazi violence in the streets? What can we do to reverse the situation? These are only a few of the questions that The Box invites us to answer through its strong language and art.

The presentation of the graphic novel and the discussion with the artist, M. Astikos, will take place on Saturday 21 June at 14.00 at the bookstore de Rooie Rat, Oudegracht 65, Utrecht.

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